Utah MotoTrials Association

Utah MotoTrials Association (UMTA), previously known as Wasatch Trials Association (WTA), was formed in the early 70’s, by a group of Trials enthusiasts that wanted a Trials club to host monthly Trials competitions throughout the State of Utah.

Utah MotoTrials Association is small in overall members, averaging about 80 members with 30 to 50 riders attending each monthly event.

The club is lead by a President and a Steering committee of 4 to 6 members. At least 4 Steering Committee members are voting members. These, along with the club president, are responsible for the annual operations of the UMTA as well as the successful outcome of each event. Any rule or operation changes are filtered through the Steering Committee members and voted on before any significant changes are made to the UMTA. There are also several other non-voting steering committee members involved with administration duties that keep the UMTA and its events operating smoothly including Federal land permits, Web site design and maintenance and annual rider stats.

The Utah MotoTrials Association is a state-wide club, with its membership spread throughout the state, hosting a monthly event on private or federal land during the months of March through June for the spring season and August through December for the fall season.

The UMTA is also the only motorized sport in the Utah Summer Games, one of the State’s premier sporting events attracting close to 10,000 athletes for the Games, held in Cedar City each summer.

With the advent of the internet and global search access the name Wasatch Trials became too localized so the WTA started going by the new more recognizable name of Utah MotoTrials Association (UMTA).

You can find the 2023 Schedule by selecting the link at the top of this page or by clicking here.

Please be sure to read through the Club Rules and Bylaws to familiarize yourself with our rules and how the club manages our competitions.

If you are ever in Utah, or are thinking about a trip to Utah, contact the Utah MotoTrials Association and come ride with us.